Your encouraged actions & continuous implementation would bring the best for you

We have designed your beautiful website and incredible logo in the Creation phase, and Now we would implement your customized digital marketing strategy to reach your business goals.

Defining your digital Implementation

As a proud owner of your business, you have limitless opportunities to grow and reach the global audience. In early days, even 8-10 years ago we only had very few methods to reach our potential customers, consumers and clients but now we have a digital world, where we can achieve and fulfill the demands of our customers more efficiently and quickly, thanks to the Digital Revolution.

Customer Funnel indicates your customers' journey towards your products or services; your digital marketing implementation would be well aligned with your customer journey and help them get closer to the last phase which is: Action which means your customers are well aware of your services or product by your website or social media posts or your blog.

Engaging contents would create values of your products in their intuitive minds, and it would grow their interests and stimulate their desires to buy your products or services.

Google indicates the Customer journey as Seeing, Thinking, Doing and Caring. Each step has its uniqueness for developing more customers trusts and interest in your products & services, and We would help you utilize every aspect of these opportunities.

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Our Basic SEO Services

(Advance SEO Service List Available upon Request)


Keyword Strategy


  • Identify appropriate web keywords, long-tail keywords

  • Craft Keyword Groups that will bring the most relevant web traffic

  • Design your keywords into themed keyword groups, increasing relevancy and Quality Score.

Alt Text

  • Optimized Product Images with the same keywords as the product page

  • Shorter and Effective Alt text for better indexing

  • Compelling Alt text picks for Image-heavy pages that are very light on text

Keyword Research


  • Get the most relevant keywords for your business. 

  • Reevaluation of your chosen keywords periodically.

SEO For eCommerce


  • An intuitive title tag for better online visibility

  • Epic Product Description to make the product relevant to the customers

  • On-page product reviews

  • Short and concise metadata description to gain higher visibility on search engines 

  • Appropriate product images, social share button and website speed is what we emphasize the most

Deep Link

  • Deep Linking increases Entire Site's Authority Ranking

  • More refined and heightened overall site relevancy

  • Do you own a large and multi-page website? Deep linking is the solution for better indexing

Bounce Rate

  • Lower Bounce Rate

  • Effective Bounce Rate Optimization

Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Tools and Set-up

  • Effective tools which meet your organizational needs

  • Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Sales force & More

  • Offer your customers more readability with Optimal screen resolution identification from Google Analytics

Segmentation & KPI


  • We offer Demographic and behavioral segmentation for better customers outreach

  • Long term and short-term performance indicators for better understanding of your campaigns

  • Your Return of Investment is tracked through Click Through Rate, Open Rate, Conversion Rate & many more traceable successes criteria

  • A/B test for a better understanding of your campaign success

HTML & CSS Friendly Content Creation

  • Your Email Marketing Contents would be exclusively written & optimized with latest HTML & CSS for better browser compatibility

  • Mobile friendly content creations

  • Inverted Pyramid is our way for your contents